Book Coaching Services

A book is a powerful marketing tool. It’s also a statement that you are an expert in your field, whether you specialize in health and wellness trends or business management. If you’re a fiction writer, having a novel or two under your belt is a helpful asset when teaching creative writing workshops or composition classes. Writing a book, however, can be a long and difficult process…and after that process is finished, you’re faced with the challenge of how to publish and market your book. Working with a book coach means you’ll receive the structure and assistance you need to finish your project quickly and professionally, including thinking ahead to those crucial publishing and marketing challenges.

Book coaching services are available for:

– Non-fiction writers
– Fiction writers
– Writers seeking traditional publication
– Writers who wish to self-publish
– Writers whose projects are at their inception
– Writers with completed manuscripts

Book coaching services include assistance with:

– Refining your idea/gaining a clear understanding of your goals and content
– Determining the viability of your idea in terms of potential sales by studying market trends
– Establishing your target audience(s) and your marketing/promotional plan (in the case of non-fiction)
– Fleshing out your story arc and characters (in the case of fiction)
– Finding and approaching literary agents/publishers
– Writing book proposals/outlines/synopses
– Writing cover letters/queries

Clients determine the number and frequency of coaching sessions and can request assistance with any aspect of the book coaching process. For most aspects of book coaching, it’s best to meet either in person, via Skype, or over the phone — being able to actively exchange and gather ideas in real time makes the overall process much more efficient and collaborative. (And also more fun!)

Engaging this kind of assistance at the beginning of a project can prevent writers from wasting many hours of misdirected research and/or having to rework content. For more information on the book coaching process, contact Lisa by using the Contact the Editor form.