Editorial Fees

Due to the varied nature of editing, an exact quote cannot be given before communication between the writer and editor has taken place. Quotes depend on two main factors: the level of editing you require and the total word count of the project. To receive a quote, contact the editor using the Contact the Editor form with a brief description of your project. You’ll receive a reply within 2 business days, at which time you’ll also be asked to provide a few pages of your project (or a sketch of your idea, if your project is in its very early stages) to give the editor an idea of the level of editing you require.

Developmental/Intensive Editing

Developmental/intensive editing is required when a writer is the conceptual stages of the project. In this case, the writer has a very rough first draft and needs assistance with the basic foundations of the project, from developing a concrete structure/message (in the case of non-fiction) to building strong characters and creating a rich, impactful plot that will grab readers’ attention (in the case of fiction). If you want to write a book and are just starting to collect your ideas and explore publishing possibilities, see Book Coaching Services.

Intermediate Copyediting

In the case of a project needing intermediate copyediting, the writer has a well-thought-out structure/concept and has written a first or second draft but still needs line-by-line editing and feedback. This level of editing provides deeper insight into the flow and rhythm of a project and may lead to the writer reassessing specific scenes/sections and reworking them to clarify the impact of the overall work.

Basic Proofreading

Basic proofreading is called for when the writer is in the final stages of the project and has a nearly final draft that has been self-edited. (Having a few test readers give you their honest feedback is always a good idea, too.) Proofreading is mainly concerned with correcting grammar and punctuation rather than working through character development or rewriting entire scenes to deepen their emotional impact. In short, these projects need a final polish.