What Clients Have to Say

“Thank you so much for the editing — it’s wonderful! I love it and am anxious to get the suggestions implemented. I really appreciate the thoughtful help you put into this for me.” C.B. (Helena, MT; self-help/inspirational book)

“It’s like before I was fighting a current to produce something, but now it feels like I’m flowing with it — everything is much easier to write and I’m saying what I want to say. Thanks for helping me figure that out.” M.K. (Philadelphia, PA; fatherhood guide/military experiences/personal history book)

“Thank you for your work — it was exactly what I needed. We will be working together more and more.” Y.H. (France; science-fiction and fantasy novels)

“I am really, really happy with all of your suggestions. This is just the kind of stuff I’m looking for!” K. G. (Birmingham, MI; nutrition/health and wellness books and cookbooks)

“Lisa, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your notes/edits—I value your comments and suggestions and think your insight brings many benefits.” D.G. (Los Angeles, CA; science-fiction novel)

“Thanks for the edits! The book is my top priority this month.” S. S. (Birmingham, MI; nutrition/health and wellness books)

“[The author is] very comfortable with your style, so the project is yours.” S.T. (Nashville, TN; wine book)

“Thank you so much! I’ve been going through it, and it looks great. Thank you for working with us on the budget, too. That’s much appreciated.” J.T. (Ann Arbor, MI; business management book)

“It’s always a total pleasure when I can find the right [person] for the job, and it’s clear that you’re a perfect fit for this material.” C.T. (Seattle, WA; food science books and cookbooks)

“You have done such an excellent job without making me sound like someone else. I love it!” M.L. (Branchburg, NJ; self-help/inspirational books)

“I just got done reading your edits to my story and I love it!! Your comments are exactly what I’ve been looking for.” B.C. (Los Angeles, CA; crime/mystery novels)

“I worked with Lisa to edit a half-finished book proposal and book outline. After one conversation, I had a solid book structure we [had] figured out together. After another meeting, I had a clear idea of how to organize my material as well as manage my writing time for the next several weeks. I recommend Lisa if you need help with your book!” E. K. (Detroit, MI; business management book)

“I love the way you edit! Thanks for being good at what you do!” S. S. (Atlanta, GA; resource guide for federally indicted defendants)

“Lisa is a wonderful editor for business writing (marketing, communications, business plans, press releases, etc.). She was incredibly helpful in succinctly communicating ideas, reporting materials with clarity, and identifying ways to improve communication tools for our business. Not only is she adept at understanding new material, she also makes sure that the content meets the message. Thank you, Lisa!” A.C. (Manhattan, NY; engineering/innovation website material)

“Lisa was instrumental in my acceptance into Harvard Business School [MBA Program]. She did an excellent job in helping me to position my essays to highlight the best of my strengths. I enjoyed her quality level of service, intensive collaboration, and insightful suggestions. She is friendly and patient — I would highly recommend her to anyone applying to graduate or undergraduate universities.” E. B. (Boston, MA;  graduate admissions essays)